Shivananda Homeopathic Home kit is a word synonymous with HEALTH. This wonderful kit devised by the spiritual Gurus Mataji Narayani and Swami Ananda has been quietly and steadily spreading health to thousands of patients for the last 12 years through the power of Homeopathy.


The remedies are filled in 10 gm plastic bottles in sugar globules form and packed in an attractive unbreakable box. These are sealed and tamper proof. It contains a First Aid book which gives details of the use of remedies, their dosage and a detailed repertory.
The Soham remedies are characterised by the following features:
  1. They are based on natural derivatives
  2. They are proven and safe
  3. They are ideal for all ages.
  4. They enjoy longer shelf life and stability.
  5. There is no suppression of diseases.
  6. The kit is compact and inexpensive.
  7. Ideal for use at home, office and during travels.
Each Village kit has the same remedies as in our Home-Kit but the quantity is in 50 Gms. Plastic Bottles along with the First Aid Booklet of your choice of language. This Kit is ideal for large institutions and village medical services where, large number of patients, have to be treated.
Each Mini kit has 10 homeopathic remedies specially selected from the very popular Home-kit in 10 Gms. Bottles with a detailed mini booklet in English. It is packed in an attractive pouch and is ideal for use during travelling.
When Mataji and Swamiji sat at their Guru's feet, Swami Venkatesananda, they always had a notepad and pen, so every word that dropped like precious jewels from his lips could be saved and shared with others. The result is Truth Eternal Part I and Part II.
The Truth of the ancients and the Truth of today is exactly the same. Truth never changes and can not be watered down. It has been said that the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible does not apply to modern times the teachings are outdated. Whoever believes this does not under stand the Cosmic Laws which are eternal and apply from age to age. This law is LOVE and LOVE is ETERNAL.
Quotations are taken from both the Gita and the Bible and it is soon understood that the messages are exactly the same. All we now have to do is to put these teachings into practice so our Truth can became ETERNAL.GITA - "He by whom the world is not agitated and who cannot be agitated by the world, and who is freed from joy, envy, fear and anxiety - he is dear to Me." (Dis. 12. v. 15)BIBLE - "Blessed is the man that endureth temptation - he shall receive the crown of life which the lord has promised to them that love him." (James 1 v. 12)

Allow these Jewels from the lips of a Master to drop into your lap and imbibe this essence of love.

"We must see each incident in our lives as a small fragment that is nothing and that is going to move on. It is the mind that is enlarging, it and endeavouring to hold it."

"Don't pray to God to take away your problem. Ask for the strength to accept it as it is."

"The realities of life must be faced. The truth of me must faced from where I learn my lessons."

This book is a simple step by step guide to find that inner peace we all desire and long for.

We do not know who we are or why we incarnated on this planet. Here is a gentle guide towards wholeness - towards becoming that complete being, wholly centered in the Self which is God. One can become the master of your own destiny if the teachings are put into practice sincerely and honestly. Meditations have been included such as the Buddha (Vipasana) Meditations. Mataji gave at her classes and others. "Meditation cannot be achieved but it has to happen," Mataji reminds us." Yet there are a few simple devices which can aid this happening."

The section on Energies is most beautifully and simplely explained. "Now let us look at these energies and how man has misused them and so is trapped in darkness. Not in the future -man is trapped now and no one can untrap you or free you, but YOU yourself" (Mataji) 

Pathway to inner peace embraces the essence of Mataji's teachings which is Self Analysis. She never taught anything that she herself never did. Her step by step instructions, outlines so simply and clearly in this book came from her Guru Swami Venketasananda. He taught her how to begin the process of inner cleansing. Self analysis was the first teaching Mataji passed on to anyone who came to her for help and guidance. It was her firm conviction that "To be complete practitioner at any level of healing, you must know how to bring the patient to the stage of "Know Thyself and be free without being  able to go within his own being and root out the Sanksars still festering there no man is cured till then."

This book was written by Mataji out of compassion for all the people in the world today who feel that they are lacking peace, happiness and fulfilment in their lives. In it she gives step by step guidance on how to find contentment, happiness and spiritual fulfilment. This book is powerful and is bound to stir up feelings of frustration and anger in you, as it was meant to, for it to work on You. This book has worked miracles in many people's lives, and it will in your life, if given a chance. In the foreward Mataji writes: "This book is for you.... you out there in the world, my friend whoever you may be and wherever you are, living, loving, working playing. Sometimes happy sometimes sad, Sometimes angry sometimes glad." Today all are seeking happiness, but I ask you one question Are you contented? In order to achieve this state of being, you are asked to make changes in your life, she outlines six small rules and asks you to sacrifice thirty minutes a day of your time. "There is no  promise of avoiding trials, tribulations and problems in your daily life. Life is life. But here is a guarantee that you can live in contentment in spite of and beyond all problems or suffering that you may be having. If you are total in this application for three months. The result of all the effort will be: a most beautiful, serene, happy personality, without hang-ups of any kind, a person filled with understanding for another's need, with gentleness, sacredness, completeness and joyousness of being..... At this moment the heart sings in joy for you. Be total. Be true to the care of your being. Happy journey."

This is Mataji's collective in a pocket guide of verses and poems filled with love. The words coming from many sources which they found encouraging and uplifting.May your being be turned always to the light....  
Walk in the Light....
Live in the Light....
Always face the Light.....
And you will come to recognize that you are the Light.....
May God Bless you all....
At your feet in love.
........................ ...MOTHER NARAYANI
  This Small booklet gives a brief account on Self Analysis. In Mataji’s words “ You cannot be a healer unless you do the self analysis. You cannot help others unless you look at yourself and know yourself first”.It gives a step-by-step method of doing daily self-analysis and dealing with your negativities.

A small chapter on Affirmations and Prayers informs the benefits of daily prayers and reciting or writing positive affirmations. 
This book is a direct translation of the book “ You have to Find You” in Gujarati -it gives step-by-step guidance on how to find contentment, happiness and spiritual fulfillment.

This book is a Gujarati translation of chapter 10 -PATHWAY TO INNER PEACE from Handbook of Healing-Part 2. It explains the system of SELF ANALYSIS as developed by Mataji.Practicing this system leads the individual to self discovery and supreme peace.
(Second Series)
  This beautiful little book is filled with Mataji's wonderful words of wisdom and love, on how to look Within Ourselves - find the negativities in order to make space for that great love to manifest. Do we really know God and what His love means? Here are a few key points Mataji gives us to help ourselves along the way:
Your spirit & you
The stillness of Silence
On an Indian River bank
Expecting - Accepting
I - me - my
Beloved Child
My daily affirmations
My prayer 
Ahimsa "Your happiness..., Your inner peace, your entire life depends on you. Love and respect yourself and your actions and in so doing you will love and respect all life."
  This simple book teaches a method of changing any situation or circumstance, no matter or how negative or how hopeless, in to something very positive and beautiful .If the affirmations are used sincerely with the mind attuned to God or the Higher self, the essence of the  one using the Affirmation will change in a powerful way. The cosmic energy will be directed in to the situation or person. Every problem that can arise is covered and this book is invaluable in the troubled times in which we now live.

For example under the sections of:
FEAR: “I let all fear slip away from my heart-all worry is released.”
FAITH:  “My faith is in the goodness and guidance of God.”
Also included are prayers and psalms such as-Swami Omkar’s peace prayer
This beautiful booklet contains many insights and words of guidance, which  refere to the teachings of Jesus the Christ, encouraging not only Christians but people of all persuasions, to look honestly at themselves and their lives. Knowing that everyone can find “that peace of God, which passed all understanding, by following the simple yet demanding steps outlined in this book, they are:Making your treaty with Jesus Christ-admitting your thoughts , speech, actions and life.

Daily self-Analysis- starting a daily record of your reactions, so as to become aware of how your reactions affect your life and circumstances.

“It is amazing how interesting life then becomes. Every person, every situation, becomes a study and a challenge WITHIN YOU, instead of as USUAL, against him”

prayer – finding time to everyday to pray, looking at the way  you pray, and what the essence of prayer really should be.

“Prayer is listening for his voice in the stillness ,hearing it in the song of a bird. Walking each day in the joyousness of living. Feeling him in all, in life itself. Feeling the throb of his life force in you, feeling His beloved spirit walking beside you as benediction – this is prayer.

Meditation – taking the time to meditation on the Christ consciousness .”now take this peace, this compassion for all, into your life in the world, so that the essence of Jesus the Christ will pour from you to others naturally.

Affirmations – a word or words uttered with feeling which stirs the heart into awakening the higher consciousness.“If done from the heart’s center  with feeling, this  alone can take you in to the  consciousness of bliss and beyond.”

Looking at the kitbag  called the mind – examining our lives and how we allow past experiences to condition our present lives and ways to remedy this.

“Each one of us will one day reach the pinnacle of our inner.”

“Change your thoughts and you change your life or become a light unto yourself and others. Become a true disciple of Jesus Christ… know thyself and be free.”
  The greater part of this little book is an extension of self Analysis the Daily diary. ‘Spending time daily and constantly watching oneself, brings into reality the false image one has of oneself. It is a translation of how one has to watch our thoughts, action, words and deeds.

This little look is inspirational and guiding with its little outpourings on how to stay in touch with our Higher self.

“Look within yourself, and there you will find all that you need to remove negativity and begin immediately to watch it, flow out of it.

Watch your speech, let it be gentle.

Watch your words, being very careful they do not carry a sting.

Watch your thoughts, seeing that these are loving, kind and above all true. You must walk in truth.If you can do these things, then all else shall be added unto you.”

“A little Mantra, a little Meditation and your self analysis daily. This is the base to take you to the Goal. 
For the serious seeker, this book of daily readings is a must. Mataji chose passage from not only different scriptures, but also from the writings of saints and sages who have left behind their essence on the planet.Many people have formed study groups and testify to the encouragement and inspiration they have received through using these teachings as a work – guide.

There is a prayer for each month which can be repeated daily for that month. Affirmations are given for each month. When affirmations are written out and repeated aloud daily, tremendous mental and spiritual benefits are attained.

Through her own experience, Mataji urges all who yearn to change,“Do it and watch the power work, bringing a miracle into your life". On each page  a gem will take one beyond pain, suffering and conflict.

“Within and Beyond” is indeed a treasure, leading one to the realization that there is only one religion and that religion is LOVE.


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